Taking Tribal Global – Meeting Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ‘fabulous-ness’!
Taking Tribal Global  Meeting Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance 'fabulous-ness'! with Deirdre Macdonald.... I've been taking some summer time-out for reverie and re-energizing, how about you? Or is it winter where you are? Missing a little shimmying however I know the second half of the year holds some great classes, worRead More »
Every Day Love
Dance and Desire Every Day Love... Today... I love my red gerbera daisies sitting next to my computer, sexy and beautiful and lush... I love my morning practice of journaling with meditation and movement I'm addicted to listening to Abraham on my earpods I love my evening ritual of a glass of wine on the fronRead More »
A Weekend of Transformation Through Dance & Desire By Elena Lipson (This article was originally published in Zaghareet Magazine, 7/21015)     When Paulette Rees-Denis invited me to teach alongside her at her upcoming annual Dance & Desire retreat, I practically shouted YES! before she even Read More »
Dance and Desire Desire...a big word these days... When I think back a few years, working full on with my in person and then online course Tribal Bliss, which was taking my Tribal Trance Dance to the next level, incorporating words with movement, dance, trance, soul, and healing along with the ever present celebration Read More »
Hello friends, I am so super delighted and over the moon excited to finally be able to share the news of our exciting retreat coming up this November, here in the Pacific NorthWest!  We've been quietly working on this for some time and found the perfect spot and the right time for this ...Drum roll please.... Joining Read More »
Connections and the knowing..
Dance & Desire Connections and the knowing... Do you know when you have found a soulmate of sorts? Not necessarily a lover, but someone you have a strong connection with, maybe even before you meet her or him? Sometimes from an action they have done, or a photo you saw of them? You just KNOW you have to meet this pRead More »
Dance and Desire–Are you living your life’s purpose and dream?
Dance and Desire Are you living your life’s purpose and dream? How do you get there from here? All I ever  wanted to do as a little kid was dance and read mystery books! And make some sort of music and art… I dipped into many things as I went through late teens, early adult, and later adult too! Different colleRead More »
Deirdre’s Taking Tribal Global – Special places and happy dancing
Deirdre's Taking Tribal Global - Special places and happy dancingIt's well into 2015 now dancers, I hope your dance journey is progressing as you would like? Are you dancing regularly, challenging yourself, being kind to yourself, reinforcing and enjoying what you know? We Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydancers® always know hoRead More »
I thrive on…
Dance and DesireI thrive on   good strong coffee, a glass of robust red or a chilled dry white a close and tight hug, a smile   peonies make me weak from their unfolding beauty yes, a walk on the beach---water heals my soul   I thrive on   the desire to be outside the Read More »
Dance and Desire — Motivational Monday
  Motivational Monday Today this photo prompt is posted over at our new FB group called Dance and Desire! (which I would love you to join us, here) Here are a few questions for you to think about! How do you start your week? Are you prepared and ready for the week to unfold? Are you inspired to go Read More »