My 30 Day Cleanse Challenge! Has the winter season added a heaviness to your body that you are now ready to shed? Are you frustrated with the lack of energy and vitality that you know is inside but feels dull or dim? Are you craving foods that you know are not serving your highest expression and wellbeing? Are you Read More »
It is coming! My 30 Day Cleanse Challenge! Dance and Desire… Ladies…. I am so excited to share this with you… The basic premise in Dance and Desire is what I love to carry on and preach about… the ultimate feeling is simple…to feel good! So much of believing in yourself starts with feeling good in your skin… Read More »
Retreats and Challenges coming to you!
Retreats and Challenges coming to you! What a retreat I had! And what a delight to do that for myself, take myself on a week long women’s writing retreat to write and renew. Something necessary for me, to have a chance to just be, away from home, away from work, just time to be alone and think and write and walk, and meRead More »
Tribal Grooves…
The calls are coming in, excitement with questions. You, women, wanting to know more, and wanting this so good, such important work to share with you and the world to feel good, to move, to get it on to find your groove to grow your business to have fun to love your body to feel freakRead More »
Flood yourself with water
Good Friday to you my friends... Before I sign off for my rejuvenation and personal writing retreat, where i will be without cell phone or internet for a week (wow...that kind of makes me nervous!)… I have something to share with you… Flood yourself with water Both internally by drinking enough and in quiet mediRead More »
I’m back and kicking!
Hello May, my gorgeous overflowing garden of flowers, and you, my dancing friends…. It really has been weeks since I’ve written to you, and I am MISSING you! Ready to pour myself back into my writing, my blog posts and my book ideas, and YOU…. It has been an amazingly fabulous and intense several weeks of dance for mRead More »
A mangle of chains
A mangle of chains Have you ever felt like this? A jumble, a mangle, a tied up mass of chains? Like when all your necklaces get into a tangled wad and you can't find a way to undo them into single strands! And where do you begin? You look at turn the wad around and around in your hands, and then you throw the mess Read More »
Finding Treasure
Finding Treasure As many of you know, I have been clearing space, cleaning out, downsizing, in preparation of moving into our new  home, a much smaller home, 800 sq. ft, not tiny, but smaller with little storage space. Wow... I am excited, thrilled, emotional, as we get closer to the day- 2 weeks- and am going to boxed, sortRead More »
What do you desire? And how do you feel in your body? Why dance? Body awareness, juicing up the joints, being silly, feeling sensuous, releasing emotions... Dancing has been a way for me to become and stay aware and very conscious of my body, with its changes over the years. As a woman, dancing and teaching thesRead More »
Starting this Sunday -- From the Body to the Page--Dance and Desire, Dance and Desire Ecourse about to start!  This Sunday...March 20th... And Friday is the last day to register... don't wait any longer...let's do this... 8 weeks of yumminess, digging in,  a great pairing of body and soul.  Get registered heRead More »