Friday what I'm loving… Greetings from Milano! A hot and full week of dance and sisterhood here in Italy… and I’m not even into the weekend of workshops at our Tribal Soul Quest Festival in Ferraro yes--that starts tomorrow! I adore spending time with my dance sisters, Cinzia and Deirdre, doing Teacher Training, and Read More »
Taking Tribal Global- Returning to Passion       Hello all, from Deirdre's Dance Den, in a sunny sunny Scotland. It's a walk on the beach and go in for a deep-paddle-in-the-water kind of has been warm here for a month now—a welcome summer miracle! I am heading to Italy today to meet up wRead More »
Friday is rocking for the next week! Oh yeah, kicking off this Friday with World Domination Summit here in Portland (no I'm not a dominatrix--google it!) My Project Manager, Karen, has flown up from San Dieg0. I'm participating in a three hour yoga in the park thing in between lectures with freakin amazing people, then therRead More »
Taking Tribal Global- In Their Own Words- with guest, Wanda Walker
Deirdre's Dance Den I hope your week is going well for you and that whenever you get a chance to read this, you have your own good stuff going on with your dance.  Perhaps this may inspire/jolt/push/persuade you to write your own YOUR story about your dance, whether it is Gypsy Caravan Tribal Style Bellydance (TM) or anoRead More »
Rockin’ Friday Goodness…
my friends, happy fourth of july to you in the us….and happy friday to all… I had an amazing time last weekend at the Tribal Revolution festival in Chicago… they put on an amazing weekend of tribal bellydance inspired workshops and performances, with vending, and drumming and dancing all weekend, so well organized anRead More »
Friday, Tribal Bellydance is rocking the world, and here is to more for you!
Friday, Tribal Bellydance is rocking the world, and here is to more for you! I’ve had such a full couple of weeks, so fun and fabulous, teaching and performing, then glamping and playing music, having almost a week off by a lake in Coeur D’Alene with my gal pals, (why don’t I do this more often?!), have a fun loRead More »
Taking Tribal Global - Keeping Fired-up! Deirdre's Dance Den Reflecting from my Dance Den today on what inspires me to dance, and what keeps me drilling and dancing. I love hearing stories from other dancers, it not only makes me smile, but it also inspires me to reflect. I think about how and why I want to keep getting Read More »
Friday what I’m loving… my roadtrip too…
Friday what I’m loving… on a fabulous roadtrip again... last week it was the Vintage Trailer Rally...oh my what fun playing music all weekend in the fiercely windswept town of Roslyn, WA... so many beautiful trailers and fun friends... and now on the  SOTF NW Gathering trip to  outside of Couer D'Alene Idaho... Read More »
What would you like to see? From me? What do you need? Working myself through the words, the photos, the trash and the downloads, the new tunes and the abundance of roses… As a photographer, I love the visual, the still moments--can you really capture the soul of someone in a photo? As a teacher, I take delight in fiRead More »
Taking Tribal Global- In Their Own Words- with guest,  Amy Tucker
Deirdre's Dance Den Hello lovely tribal folks from Deirdre's Dance Den, a special place to bring alive stories from dancers, students and teachers of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (TM). I'm thrilled to hear the great stories about how this wonderful dance features not only individual lives but communities too. Amy Tucker, Read More »