Downsizing the passion…
Dance and Desire... Downsizing the passion... Turns out I can be a TV nerd. With my man out of town for a week I did some vegging in front of our new TV ( I have not had a TV for ten years, and it was time!). So we’ve both gone back to our early addictions of  Law and Order, and the Food Channel, plus all those new homRead More »
Crazy burn out to vibrant creative self!
How does one move from crazy burn out to vibrant creative self again? I’ve done that a few times! Oh my… I do believe I have learned the lessons well by now. Have you experienced this for yourself? I have tried to run away from my life a few times over the years of adulthood. I know that I am a super firey creatRead More »
Consumed in the flames of creation
Consumed in the flames of creation and beauty For so many years (perhaps about twenty), I was consumed with my art, finding my voice, my dance, our dance, this Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ®. In the making. Creating it, experimenting with it, studying other dances, dancers, and philosophies. Developing the conceptsRead More »
Registration is now open~ Are you ready to join me for Collective Soul Level One, Online? Starting January 10th!   What can I do for you? My desire and passion is to help guide you on your journey to be the best dancer, the best creator, the best whole person — — body, mind, and spirit — whetRead More »
Taking Tribal Global – a soul and colourful attraction!
Taking Tribal Global -  Greetings lovelies! I hope you are getting the chance to dance and move your body, listen to great music…. and dress up! Definitely one of the many benefits of our wonderful dance -- Soul and a colourful attraction! Today one of our Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® sisters from the USA sRead More »
Collective Soul Level One, Online, is about to open up for you!
Collective Soul Level One, Online, is about to open up for you! Yes! I am starting to plan my 2016 ( and even a bit of 2017-omg!) and am really revving up. I am in such a great space this morning, sitting down to write and share, after a lovely start of meditation, journaling, and juicing, and walking my corgidogs  and cRead More »
Dance and Desire — Worth it!
Dance and Desire Hello my pretties, Are you ready to make some changes? Desiring something new? On board to finally do that thing you have been wanting to experience? Tell me, dear ones, what are you wanting, for you? Do you know? What are you needing to feed yourself, your creative beautiful self, your dancing godRead More »
Full Circle Gratitude
Full Circle Gratitude This year I picked up a new journaling practice, thanks to my business coach, and I now embrace it nightly practice of Gratitude Journaling! I now pass this ritual on to my students in my courses. It is so simple yet so profound, this writing practice, and can take five minutes or a ½ houRead More »
Dance and Desire — Gather And Carry
Dance and Desire -- Gather And Carry Sitting in the Milan sun, sipping on a beautiful red, after a delicious, simple, vegan lunch, resting, with my journal and laptop, after a whirlwind two weeks. Ah, the pleasure of down time, peaceful time, knowing I have done the best work that I do, with honor and pride, a full heart Read More »
Taking Tribal Global  – meeting Mexico City talents!
Taking Tribal Global  - meeting Mexico City talents! with Deirdre Macdonald... Hello! Hopefully the hips are swaying to the right kind of rhythm these days? Have you met some more wonderful dance sisters in class, at shows, haflas, workshops, festivals? Part of the joy of being part of this dance world and lifestyleRead More »