22nd Annual Women’s Weekend Retreat Dance and Desire- Early Reg!
Hello my friends...The floodgates are open! There are only 20 spots left! And I've extended the Early Dancer Discount until February 10, 2015 so take advantage of the that price and get registered now! Oh yes, don't want to miss it... Register Now! Don’t YOU desire to feel freakin’ great, in your bodRead More »
The Collective Soul Experiences… from around the globe
The Collective Soul Experiences… from around the globe… Little did I know how powerful it would turn out to be, doing my Collective Soul Certification Intensive, online. I have been teaching this 2-3 day Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® intensive for over 15 years, in person, and that alone is mind-boggling to me. How fuRead More »
Rockin’ Friday, onward with Dance and Desire
Rockin' Friday, onward with Dance and Desire Hellooo Friday! A super full week has passed so quickly, and I sit here this morning, loving up my dogs and cat and enjoying the peace and darkness of very early morning, relishing in the moments of fluffy hugs on the floor and wet nose kisses and how I adore these moments. LRead More »
Taking Tribal Global — Dance and Desire
Taking Tribal Global -- Dance and Desire   home home home to myself back to myself name, claim, and reclaim my space and my place on the earth joining hands to give and share witness the journey of another without eyes wide shut but an open heart the road back to the only one who cRead More »
Dance and desire… do it! As we dance through our week, where is your focus? What are you working towards? And what is holding you back? I know I’ve wrote about it before, but Self-Sabotage is a big deal. I must say I am getting so much better at NOT doing that! And how great that feels. Wow...these shoulders are gettinRead More »
Taking Tribal Global- Friday What I'm Loving, and my CDF's! (photo from Gypsy Caravan Online Class #10--Funky Bits and Groovin' It Up!) The week is ticking away, as the new year rolls into place. How are you feeling? Me, I am writing away and so loving it, scheduling, planning, playing with words. You all know how Read More »
Deirdre Takes Tribal Global — Dancing in the streets with Elena Mellai
       Deirdre Takes Tribal Global- Dancing in the streets, with Elena Mellai Don't you love a great story? Today I have one a friend of mine shared - she has energy, passion and all the ingredients I love in a dancer (and who this fab Gypsy Caravan Tribal Style Bellydance ® format attracts)! From Ferrara, ElenaRead More »
Friday, What is Rockin' my world! Holy moly, four blogs in one week, I don't normally send you that many...so I hope you can keep up with me this week, new year’s poetry and all! mostly the word I want to say now is Sleep... Welcome to the new year! Sleep, I’ve finally been getting some (uh, sleep!)… and what a dRead More »
What it means
What it means to me, this time of year… it is the gathering of thoughts, ideas, and inspirations to come it is the collecting of the finished or started or continuation of all that I do   the love, the self-love, the bad-assery, the cozying down, and the stirring it up the quiet and the wild Read More »
Taking Tribal Global – Rockin’ the Global and Personal Learning!
Deirdre's Dance Den     Hello! A warm welcome from Deirdre's Dance Den in winter-time Scotland with the weather cool and the leaves fallen. Any seasonal change can provoke thoughts and reflection. I enjoy these moments to take stock. I recently taught my first Collective Soul Certifications here in Glasgow, ScRead More »