The Tribal Bellydance Lifestyle, Part Three
The Tribal  Bellydance Lifestyle Part Three In the past two articles of this series, I wrote about our Tribal Bellydance and what I’ve learned from it. We dove into the various reasons why we dance, and some of the components that make up this amazing style of dance, Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ®. But all these lesRead More »
Friday Bling and here’s the thing!
Friday Bling and here’s the thing! For a few years now I have done this weekly blog post, now called Friday Bling, used to be named Friday what is rockin my world, where I have shared with all of you, my readers, the wondrous goings on around the globe—people, poetry, recipes, networks, dance troupes—anything that has lRead More »
Why Collective Soul Gypsy Caravan’s Tribal Bellydance Intensive?
Why Collective Soul -- Gypsy Caravan's Tribal Bellydance Intensive?  My mission as a dancer, teacher, trainer, coach, writer, and musician, is to be the tribal hostess, the tribal matrix, to bring you all together, collectively—through the collective unconscious, but also individually to ignite your passion, and to shaRead More »
The Tribal Lifestyle — What this dance has taught me…
The Tribal Lifestyle -- What this dance has taught me— Connection and Creativity Unleashed..part two! As I wrote last week, being seen in our daily world these days is what most people deeply desire. We all crave community, a family of some sort, and our Gypsy CaravanTribal Bellydance ® does that for the dancers invRead More »
The Tribal Lifestyle:  What this dance has taught me
The Tribal Lifestyle:  What this dance has taught me ... part one (this was previously written for a 3 part series for Zaghareet Magazine! sharing here now...) Who knew that taking a bellydance class could change one’s life? Really, it’s just a dance class...Ha… Paulette through the years! Having developeRead More »
Friday Bling and almost summertime...and the livin' is easy... It's mid June, and glamping season full on... Time again...I'm heading out for  1 and 1/2 weeks of vintage trailering, music making, wine sipping, fun having... How many of you are workaholics like me? Well, it's time to stop that! Have yourself some fun, geRead More »
Dance and Desire — Finishing up my Round up of half way through the year! Part 4 here…
Dance and Desire Finishing up my Round up of half way through the year! Part 4 here... I am your Tribal Hostess…bringing you lovelies together with dance as our core common passion, and the desire to move our bodies and free our souls! And with so much more to share together, to grow together, to learn from each other, sRead More »
Dance and Desire—Round Up Part 3—Collective Soul and Teacher Training
Dance and Desire—Round Up Part 3— Collective Soul and Teacher Training -- My desires It is my half way through the year round up! Continuing on the journey that I have taken over the winter and early spring (actually the last 25 years!), I must stop and pinch myself. Remembering back all those years ago, really to whenRead More »
Friday Bling
Friday Bling Hope you enjoyed parts One and Two of my half way through the year Round Up this week! I so love taking the time to reflect and put the experiences into words. AND Parts Three and Four will be coming at you next week! And if you missed them, just back up to the last two blogs! It is fun to see the tribal happRead More »
Dance and Desire—Round Up Part 2—The Caravan Project—another Global Union
Dance and Desire — Round Up Part 2 — The Caravan Project—dancers and musicians—another Global Union This project -- both dancers and band -- has been about a year in the making, full of experimentation and trials, and how-to's and guesses. For the dancing segment, the main objective was to bring dancers together fRead More »