Rockin’ my Friday!
Getting my non-negotiables rockin, and my accountability writing group going on... time to get those books inside my head onto some paper...don't cha' think? I am starting each day with my meditation, as a non-negotiable, which gives me a different outlook on how I approach all of them, and it makes a HUGE difference in my daRead More »
Taking Tribal Global, In Their Own Words – Lisa Newton
Our Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ™  is all about community – it's about people (usually women, supported by men and partners, friends and families) coming together and magic happens! Connection, dance through improvisation, mastery of moves, "aha!" moments, physical and mental challenges, development… and happiness! Read More »
hey my friends...what a glorious birthday weekend, friends, some time for myself, a pedicure, a date with my man, a Corgi walk (OMG hundreds of cute corgi butts!), guitar strumming, mini adventures, some good work and even house projects (getting ready for another yard sale next weekend), and a NEW cat! Princessa is in my lifRead More »
Friday, What is Bliss?
It's my birthday and I am having a great day! Happiness is my true nature...   (Deepak chopra) What is Bliss? Happiness is the essence of bliss.I continue on my daily meditation journey. Don’t I love the inner feeling of happiness. Joy. Peace. Laughter. Contentment. Within. I realized many moons ago that when I Read More »
Taking Tribal Global- Viva Italia! And get back to your roots!
Wow! What an amazing feeling of warmth and energy that this wonderful Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ™ gives me! I'm back in my Dance Den again and not long back from a hot Italy where I had the absolute pleasure of spending time with and  learning from (still/always!) Paulette, and co-assisting Cinzia Di Cioccio from MiRead More »
Friday What is rockin’ my boat, in a great way! Well, for me, this week, my dancing sisters from around the globe are here in Portland to study with me… Many levels of Collective Soul Certification (3 and 4) and Teacher Training Level my global troupe mates much happier could I be? We all danced in a shRead More »
Taking Tribal Global- In Their Own Words- with Jamie Rose Lyle
Dancing can be so affirmative to mind, body and soul. Dancing can bring unexpected, welcome revelations, and good surprises! From the warmth of my Dance Den I love to read these heart-warming stories about how this dance in particular can change your self perspective through Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (TM)! Jamie Read More »
Friday what is rockin’ my world!
Hello my lovely weekend love warriors! How about this beautiful sky full of thunder and lightning to wake up to? Lots of great stuff to share with you this grand Friday… First, My non-negotiables! after my post last friday, I’ve had some great private comments by some of you, on to taking better care of yourselRead More »
Taking Tribal Global- In Their Own Words- with Christine Haviland
 Deirdre's Dance Den We become more alive when the call comes and our mind, body and spirit know its right.  We connect with ourselves, and then, with others. It's simply awesome! Today in Deirdre's Dance Den we travel to Auckland, New Zealand and hear from Christine Haviland, a teacher and student of Gypsy Caravan and mRead More »
Time to rock Friday ourselves!
Time to rock it and feel great… These past few months have been hard on me, physically, emotionally, spiritually, with the traveling and then being home, then traveling, then home,  and again…I have had an amazing time, great travels, workshops, performances, hooking up with incredible folks around the globe, and I am etRead More »