Become a Gypsy Tribal Affiliate! Hello there! Some of you have heard me talk about this Affiliate program in the past, and now we have revamped it and are giving it lots of love and sunshine! Sara ( my home team mate!) and I are so excited to get this running and we want you to be a part of it. Some of you have been fRead More »
Dance and Desire– I Want You!
Dance and Desire-- I Want You! Good Sunday to you my friends… I thought I would send this out to you today and let you know what I want! This fine Sunday morning I wanted to share my desires with you. I want more teachers! More Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ® certified dance teachers, that is! I want to see moRead More »
Dance and Desire and Friday Bling!
Dance and Desire and Friday Bling! Have you missed me?!! I have missed you, not having had much time to write or journal… and wow… I know that writing really grounds me and centers me, and journaling daily keeps me focused and gets all those crazy spinning wheels in my brain to slow down when I can put the pen to the pRead More »
Helloooooo I've got another short little video for you! I love the idea of talking directly to you...what do you think? Do you enjoy a quick little 3 minute video from me? And I wanted to just tell you a little bit more about the Collective Soul Online Level One certification intensive starting August 2nd, 2015! Read More »
Friday Bling and the Caravan Project CD release!
Friday Bling, music, my next ecourse, and just good stuff...for you   This was my truthbomb this morning...and that is exactly the mode that I have been in for the past few weeks... constant refreshing...and sometimes mind boggling and full when I have soooo much I want to put in the crRead More »
Dance and Desire -- a video for you! Last week I wrote about dancing for yourself, by yourself. My style of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® is traditionally a group dance, made to be danced together to create that synchronistic magic. But really, if you don't have that feeling inside yourself first, how can you share it wiRead More »
Friday Bling
Dance and Desire... Friday Bling...May day My intoxicating obsession this week has been my garden and my camera! It has been just a blissful moment by moment walk in paradise, with so much gratitude that my heart just might explode....and I will share more flower photos with you as I am obsesses with my iphone apps too! See mRead More »
Dance and Desire — You Gotta Move
Dance and Desire -- You Gotta Move You gotta gotta move give a listen…   Why dance? Freedom with the dance... --Body awareness, juicing up the joints, being silly, feeling sensuous, releasing emotions, moving free, to name a few-- Dancing has been a way for me to express myself, to alRead More »
Dance and Desire — Friday Bling
Dance and Desire -- Friday Bling It has been a week of more planning and scheduling and writing, but the major portion of my week has been filled with acknowledgement and gratitude, for the work I do, the love I have, the life I have asked for and created. Sometimes what we do have and what we have asked for is right in frRead More »
Dance and Desire — Gratitude
Dance and Desire -- Gratitude As I get ready for my week, organizing, scheduling, and packing for the upcoming Breitenbush Hot Springs Women’s Dance and Desire Weekend (woo hoo!)… I am also reflecting on my history in the dance. With the Facebook 5 day Dance Challenge, where we are to share photos and higlight people and Read More »