Ready for 2015? To truly be a dancer, means you can do this—switch between dance styles, because you not only know technique, but more importantly, how your body moves! This is what I stress the most, to learn your body. Because then you can truly dance, no matter the technique, the style, the person you are dancing with...Read More »
Do what you do…
Doing what you love doing what you want what calls your heart, your soul, you body dancing forward with intention with desire burning deep with that familiar longing the ache of reaching vulnerable wide open needing from the ground up the toes curl with every touch with every step reRead More »
Taking Tribal Global...My Friday is so Freaking Rockin... you gotta dance dance dance like noone is watching it has to come from the heart if you want it to work! by guy clark...  this late morning, after working for a few hours, I’m making soup and pesto, and about to get ready for my gig tonight, my last gRead More »
Dance and Desire…The Spiral Dance
This morning I pulled my animal medicine … #34, the Grouse. The grouse… I look at this mighty bird, and I don’t know anything about grouse, but the Crow has been with me for years, and tattooed on my arm. But the grouse? Intrigued, I read. The Sacred Spiral...the grouse represents birth and rebirth. And boy hoRead More »
Hello my glorious friends! And wow, hello December...dang… I never want to bombard you with too many emails but I just have to to  gather up my offerings for you that are coming up. It is hard sometimes, to keep myself in line, organized, on target! I get wrapped up and excited and exploding with all that I want to share,Read More »
Blog…Friday Rockin my world! How about yours?
Friday What is Rockin my world! How about yours? Being Alive... Our USA Thanksgiving day yesterday, a day of gratefulness and gatherings, is a day of reflection for many, a day off for others, family drama for some, lots of love circling around, overabundance and over indulgence too. Although this year I did not make Read More »
Dance and Desire—Why Can’t You?
Why can’t you? Says who? Only you, if you say so. Do you believe that? I get sad when I hear those words, I can’t. Well, you just told yourself you can’t, so of course you can’t. Ah, the power of words, in the psyche. Words create action. I can’t afford it. That means you won’t afford it. YouRead More »
Loving my Friday, and Tribal goodness for you!
Friday, What I'm Loving... Today's links are all about movement, dance, and desires! Hello my friends! I have a series of workshops that I teach when I travel around the world, some good basic Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ™ old-school traditional steps, as well as the levels and layers, the funky bits, the props, tRead More »
Taking Tribal Global – Sharing the Tribal Spirit
Deirdre's Dance Den with Richelle Spencer Last week in Deirdre's Dance Den, I shared with you the thoughtful words that one of our Australian Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ™ groups uses when they meet to ground themselves and to set their intention for their dance. It's not essential:  Sometimes it's organic, unspokenRead More »
Dance and Desire–and the Desire Map!
Hello my dancing friends! I have made an addition to my teachings that I want to tell you about! For quite a while now, I’ve been combining our Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ™ workshops and intensives with writing, with movement and trance and healing and words, and loving the combinations. This is what I do. This isRead More »