Dance and Desire — Friday Bling
Dance and Desire -- Friday Bling It has been a week of more planning and scheduling and writing, but the major portion of my week has been filled with acknowledgement and gratitude, for the work I do, the love I have, the life I have asked for and created. Sometimes what we do have and what we have asked for is right in frRead More »
Dance and Desire — Gratitude
Dance and Desire -- Gratitude As I get ready for my week, organizing, scheduling, and packing for the upcoming Breitenbush Hot Springs Women’s Dance and Desire Weekend (woo hoo!)… I am also reflecting on my history in the dance. With the Facebook 5 day Dance Challenge, where we are to share photos and higlight people and Read More »
Dance and Desire and Friday Bling…Who Inspires You?
Dance and Desire and Friday Bling... Who inspires you? Heroes and gods…. There is a five day Dance Challenge on Facebook and I’ve been pulling up photos from my long dance history! What fun to look back at the many incredible opportunities I have had, the places I’ve performed, who I have had the great fortune toRead More »
Dance and Desire and Friday Bling  Greetings from Ohio… And welcome many new visitors to my blog, where on Fridays I share other folks with you... their amazing work, inspired passions, sometimes videos, stories, songs, photos, poems, whatever moves me during the week, I love to pass it on... So enjoy! How has yoRead More »
Deirdre’s taking Tribal Global- life and dance lessons
 Deirdre's Taking Tribal Global...     Hello from springtime Scotland. I love to bring you stories and snippets from around the Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® world. Today I share with you... ElderMuse ™ Dancing and music is for all, for life, to feed the mind and body, sustains the spiriRead More »
friday bling  Hello my friends! Are you ready for your weekend? Let me share a few lovely bits with you...some advice, some good eats, and a few thought provokers! Let me know what you love... and enjoy... Profound, important, true… are you? I wish I wrote this myself, as it has been on my mind forever, Read More »
Dance and Desire, with Paulette Rees-Denis
Dance and Desire So fascinating to me, how synchronistic time can be, how wonderful coincidences just seem to happen. But really? Coincidences? Or just alignment with what you are desiring and living? After I wrote my blog last Friday, about having changed up my touring schedule this year, and staying home to hiberRead More »
Paulette Rees-Denis and Friday Bling!
Friday Bling -- Lots of bling today... so you have the whole weekend to enjoy! Hello my spring chickens (at least here in the Pac NW!) Spring is here and one of my fav times to be home in the garden. For so many years I have been on the road in the spring, and this year I choose to start my touring dates in May so I coRead More »
Dance and Desire, with Paulette Rees-Denis
Dance and Desire The past few weeks I have spent more time with my written words and photographs, and it has been glorious. I have been writing my online courses for you and, journaling almost daily for myself, and really enjoying my Desire Map Day Planner, plus joining in and teaching on other’s courses-what an honor, and Read More »
Dance and Desire — Friday Bling
Dance and Desire -- Friday Bling As always, I've got some goodies to share with you this fine Friday... But I want to share with you our new Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® Certified Level One Teachers! I am so delighted that my Teacher Training Online (and in person) Level One was such a success. I wasn't sureRead More »