Dance and Desire, with Paulette Rees-Denis
Dance and Desire So fascinating to me, how synchronistic time can be, how wonderful coincidences just seem to happen. But really? Coincidences? Or just alignment with what you are desiring and living? After I wrote my blog last Friday, about having changed up my touring schedule this year, and staying home to hiberRead More »
Paulette Rees-Denis and Friday Bling!
Friday Bling -- Lots of bling today... so you have the whole weekend to enjoy! Hello my spring chickens (at least here in the Pac NW!) Spring is here and one of my fav times to be home in the garden. For so many years I have been on the road in the spring, and this year I choose to start my touring dates in May so I coRead More »
Dance and Desire, with Paulette Rees-Denis
Dance and Desire The past few weeks I have spent more time with my written words and photographs, and it has been glorious. I have been writing my online courses for you and, journaling almost daily for myself, and really enjoying my Desire Map Day Planner, plus joining in and teaching on other’s courses-what an honor, and Read More »
Dance and Desire — Friday Bling
Dance and Desire -- Friday Bling As always, I've got some goodies to share with you this fine Friday... But I want to share with you our new Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® Certified Level One Teachers! I am so delighted that my Teacher Training Online (and in person) Level One was such a success. I wasn't sureRead More »
Dance and Desire — Paulette Rees-Denis
Dance and Desire -- Paulette Rees-Denis On the Prowl I am slowly peeling away bits of my life to move on, to move forward, and to let go… as my man and I downsize on the prowl for simplicity   taking memories of what I wanted and wished for and thought I could do… reliving desires of past passions Read More »
Friday Bling, and I love…
Friday Bling, and I love… I love waking up early on Friday and know that I will be connecting with you, in some way, through this blog! I love sharing with you things that touch my soul. I love the ease with which we can connect, you and me, via the internet, and I am still awed that you reside all over the globe, andRead More »
Deirdre’s Taking Tribal Global – Amanda Richardson — Feeling the Tribal Magic!
Deirdre Takes Tribal Global - Amanda Richardson -- Feeling the Tribal Magic! Love and dance make the world go round, as Amanda Richardson from Wisconsin, USA shares with us. Amanda is a Master Teacher with Gypsy Caravan Tribal Style Bellydance® , AND a member of Gypsy Caravan Dance Company International, as well as directs hRead More »
Dance and Desire–Just do it!
Dance and Desire--Just do it! I have always stepped outside of my box. if there is something I did not like, I changed it. Or ignored it. I made my own path. I went where I felt was a good creative move. In my dance world, way back in the beginning days of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ®. Following my heart. I have never lRead More »
Friday Bling, Tribal, and Paulette Rees-Denis! I don’t know about you, but I need to get my Tribal on! Even though here in Portland we have had a mild winter and an early impressive spring, I can still be a paper weight sitting in front of my computer! Yes, I’ve been out gardening, I walk my dogs, I go to the gym, aRead More »
Photo quote Monday!
Photo quote Monday! What say you, tribal dancers?!   Feature of the Week... Tribal Bliss...Dance and Vision. online course, on sale through March 15th!Read More »