Friday rocking the midwest!
Friday rocking the midwest! Hey my friends….yep, still in Ohio, hanging with my mom, sister and family! What a treasure… I go to the gym every morning with my mom, and folks, she is 88 and works out almost everyday! Spectacular and inspiring…wow… Jeff and I had so much fun performing at the Ohio Ren Faire last weekRead More »
Taking Tribal Global Dance discovery and understanding , with Cinzia DiCioccio, Part One The first of a two-part interview from Deirdre's Dance Den  This summer while driving to Ferrara from Milan, Italy, I had the pleasure of chatting with one of my fellow Master Teachers and Gypsy Caravan Dance Company dancersRead More »
Friday from the road, still rockin’ the weekend…
Hello my lovely weekend warriors! I've had a really fun three day holiday with my man in Nashville, listening to some killer music and seeing bits of country music history, very inspiring and emotional! Yes, I sobbed at the Country Music Hall of Fame! To see some of the history of folks who laid down the path and followed thRead More »
Hello my friends... Just wanted to remind you the this course starts tomorrow! and join our private online group to share and gather with like-minded souls... TRIBAL BLISS VOLUME 2 – DANCE AND VISION –Helo Online! -- Tomorrow... WEAVING WITH YOUR FEMININE ESSENCE NEXT SESSION Sunday...OCTOBER 5TH, 2014– Read More »
Rockin’ Friday, Glamour Bombs, and wow!
Hello and good friday to you... It has been a week full of dance and performances and new stuff! More of which I plan on writing and sharing much to process. But... I'm on my way to another workshops, performances at ren faires, and hanging with my family in Ohio... (join me!--Columbus.., TolRead More »
Taking Tribal Global, In Their Own Words – Sarah Coffey
Deirdre’s Dance Den with Sarah Coffey A warm welcome from Deirdre's Dance Den, bringing you stories from our dance community around the globe! Yes, Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance™ has gone global and is welcoming new dancers and followers all the time.   I love hearing your stories and particularly those that Read More »
transition… a few words from Paulette
transition love this time of year the shifting light, the early dark the drying leaves the rustle underneath the footsteps   the warmth is different with the breeze sifting by as if a warning of the cooleness to come   but there is a melancholy the change, the energy   me it starts Read More »
Friday is truly rockin’ the inspiration!
Hey friends...whoa...what a day we have here today... I so love sharing all this goodness, creativity, people's lives, and more...That is why I am called the Tribal Hostess! Here is some great motivation for you for the weekend, hell, for your whole life! *To Loving this **and I so freakin’ love this!Read More »
Time and You Does taking time for oneself have to be so difficult? How often do you  put your needs and desires last and spend just a little more time working? Or clean the house instead of taking time to sit in stillness? Or answer just a few more emails instead of going on that much desired walk? Or pay the bills instead oRead More »
Celebration of ourselves... Our dance, this tribal style, this Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ™, is a celebration. It is an honoring of ourselves, our bodies, our creativity, and our communion with each other. With that deep, non-verbal connection, the eyes and the hips tell the stories, share the moment, and create the poRead More »