A mangle of chains
A mangle of chains Have you ever felt like this? A jumble, a mangle, a tied up mass of chains? Like when all your necklaces get into a tangled wad and you can't find a way to undo them into single strands! And where do you begin? You look at turn the wad around and around in your hands, and then you throw the mess Read More »
Finding Treasure
Finding Treasure As many of you know, I have been clearing space, cleaning out, downsizing, in preparation of moving into our new  home, a much smaller home, 800 sq. ft, not tiny, but smaller with little storage space. Wow... I am excited, thrilled, emotional, as we get closer to the day- 2 weeks- and am going to boxed, sortRead More »
What do you desire? And how do you feel in your body? Why dance? Body awareness, juicing up the joints, being silly, feeling sensuous, releasing emotions... Dancing has been a way for me to become and stay aware and very conscious of my body, with its changes over the years. As a woman, dancing and teaching thesRead More »
Starting this Sunday -- From the Body to the Page--Dance and Desire, Dance and Desire Ecourse about to start!  This Sunday...March 20th... And Friday is the last day to register... don't wait any longer...let's do this... 8 weeks of yumminess, digging in,  a great pairing of body and soul.  Get registered heRead More »
Hello beautiful souls, There are a lot of fabulous changes happening at my online community -- with me, and around the globe with all the dancers, newly certified teachers, and our Master Teachers! GYPSY CARAVAN TRIBAL BELLYDANCE®! Subscribe... We are always adding more good stuff for you, to inspire you, connect yoRead More »
Dance and Desire : From the Body to the Page 8 weeks, online, in your inbox every Sunday... starting March 20th Dance. Words. Desire. Write. Honor. Celebrate. Pleasure. Feel good. Feel you. Move. Now... I am so excited to be offering this online course again for you... the work in this class has been so pRead More »
Momentum...and then some... I love that word. I love the way it feels as I say it. I love the way it sounds. And mostly I love the feeling it evokes and what happens when I have it… Momentum -- the quantity of motion that an object has. A sports team that is on the move has the momentum. If an object is in motion (on tRead More »
Our deadline is drawing near for our drawing and special giveaway!!! Ohhhh...presents for you! Register now for our Breitenbush Women’s Weekend Retreat and get entered to win one of our fabulous prizes…. Deadline and the drawing will be at noon today (PST)!!! And I will post a FB video this afternoon to announce tRead More »
Hello hello hello this Friday… Now to tell you about my second giveaway this week! What fun this is….. (If you missed the last blog post, read about the first one here...if you are planning to attend our Women’s Weekend Dance and Desire retreat in person!) Today’s giveaway is for YOU if you are wanting to sign upRead More »
Hey my friends! Something fun and special for you this week! Not one, but TWO giveaways for you…. The first one...A fabulous retreat and a fabulous giveaway to FIVE lucky women! Apr 22-24th, 2016… Paulette Rees-Denis presents 23nd Annual  Women’s Dance and Desire Weekend Dance and Desire: From the Body toRead More »