Paulette Rees-Denis -- Dance and Desire and Friday Bling How has your week been my friends? Still February, and I've been outside gardening like a madwoman! I so love getting my hands and knees dirty in the soil, it's like healing therapy for me. Sometimes you need someone to talk to, and sometimes you just need the earth Read More »
Paulette Rees-Denis — Dance, Desire, Bliss
Dance, Desire, Bliss I talk/write much about these three words, don’t I? It is my reason d’etre and passion! And to be able to bring and share so many aspects of these dreams to you makes me giddy… I am continuously experimenting with new ideas and projects, some work, some don’t, and when I know they do and can geRead More »
Taking Tribal Global Friday BlingHello hello hello... Want to feel a little better?  A song to start your weekend off with a little James Brown! Get up offa that thing! Here in Portland we are having spring already. My bulbs are blooming, and the fragrances are intoxicating. I've been digging in the dirt and redesigRead More »
Friday Bling with Paulette Rees-Denis
Friday Bling! Hello my Friday friends! Many thanks to all of you who answered my survey this past week… I am beyond grateful. PLUS it is soooo exciting to hear about what you enjoy on my blog, and what you desire in your world, and what you want to read here… dang...that so rocks! And you will be receiving a littRead More »
Dance and Desire Retreat– The Tribal Quest Experience–the news…
Hello my friends Wow, I've got some news for you, and yes just four more days to get the early bird discount for our incredible women’s weekend retreat at the incomparable Breitenbush Hot Springs in Detroit, OR (just 2 ½ hours drive southeast from Portland!)...This year's Tribal Quest Experience--Dance and Desire retreat pRead More »
Friday Bling and a survey favor!
Hello my fantastic readers! Happy Friday Bling to you... and I have a favor to ask... I love having you as my readership. I love and am thankful that you allow me into your inboxes every week, once or a few times! I enjoy sharing my favorite peoples with you, yours and other dance and life stories, global events, my cRead More »
Deirdre’s Taking Tribal Global – Viva La Danse!
Deirdre's Taking Tribal Global -Viva La Danse!               Bonjour! Hello! I am back in Scotland following a great trip to Paris at the BellyFusions Festival , and loved being there and teaching Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® workshops. This was the first time GyRead More »
Dance and Desire — Beginner’s Mind
Dance and Desire -- From the Body to the Page The Tribal Quest Experience... Beginner’s Mind Open the door. Allow... That is my big word for the of my Core Desired Feelings (CDF, from my work with the Desire Map book (by Danielle LaPorte, view here)... Allow, Allowing, Allowance, to allow to Read More »
Taking Tribal Global--Friday Bling Hello my friends... good Friday to you… I decided to call this Friday blog, Friday Bling...because,yes it still rocks my world, all these little snippets of goodness, but we all need some sparkly bits and these bring some shine on to me, and I hope to you too! I love my blog, I loRead More »