transition… a few words from Paulette
transition love this time of year the shifting light, the early dark the drying leaves the rustle underneath the footsteps   the warmth is different with the breeze sifting by as if a warning of the cooleness to come   but there is a melancholy the change, the energy   me it starts Read More »
Friday is truly rockin’ the inspiration!
Hey friends...whoa...what a day we have here today... I so love sharing all this goodness, creativity, people's lives, and more...That is why I am called the Tribal Hostess! Here is some great motivation for you for the weekend, hell, for your whole life! *To Loving this **and I so freakin’ love this!Read More »
Time and You Does taking time for oneself have to be so difficult? How often do you  put your needs and desires last and spend just a little more time working? Or clean the house instead of taking time to sit in stillness? Or answer just a few more emails instead of going on that much desired walk? Or pay the bills instead oRead More »
Celebration of ourselves... Our dance, this tribal style, this Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ™, is a celebration. It is an honoring of ourselves, our bodies, our creativity, and our communion with each other. With that deep, non-verbal connection, the eyes and the hips tell the stories, share the moment, and create the poRead More »
Friday Loving Tribal Goodness…
Good Friday to you all.... I have some delicious quotes and goodies, two poetic writings that you have to read!, and some new photos for you today, for you to ponder and enjoy. How is your dance? Your art? Your love? Your desires? ~~~~~~~~~~ Marika Tiggemann, says “"Belly dancing is an activity associated with posRead More »
Taking Tribal Global, In Their Own Words – Amalia dell’Aquila
  Deirdre's Dance Den with Amalia dell'Aquila On my dancing travels with Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ™ , I am honoured to meet so many lovely people – genuine folks who are kind, generous, and dance beautifully and…when in Italy, kind also enough to speak English with me! My understanding Italian is better tRead More »
T shirt special! Tribal Rocks!
Got a few specials coming up for you this month! Here is the first one! oh yeah....   Fall Special! 25% off…. now $21.75, was $29,00 woo hoo, plus S&H of course… Still one of my all time fab t styles… Tribal Rocks (because it does!) Cammi-style tank, fabulous! with shelf bra, nice and stretchy, pRead More »
Friday What I'm Loving Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? Mary Oliver Good friday to you my friends... I was told recently by my body worker, who has done amazing work on my injured shoulders and neck (from the past), to soften. What? I've worked so hard to stand tall, correRead More »
Friday is for a Blissful Weekend!–Tribal Bliss coming at you Sunday!
Friday what I’m loving Friday is for a Blissful Weekend!--Tribal Bliss coming at you Sunday! Hello fall (here on this side of the globe!) The air feels so different and the light has shifted and it is glorious outside. This may be my last glamping trip of the year, as I spend the weekend with 180 other vintage trailers iRead More »
Taking Tribal Global  – the courage to ask!
 Hello from my Dance Den. Reaching out to some pretty darn wonderful people and dancers out there, looking out for your stories and hearing your journeys - we learn so much by talking, sharing, telling stories. I remember WAY back in 2004 when I lived in Portland and had been attending the studio for around 4 years regularlyRead More »