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Celebration of ourselves... Our dance, this tribal style, this Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ™, is a celebration. It is an honoring of ourselves, our bodies, our creativity, and our communion with each oRead More »

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This Sunday…September 28th, Sunday 2:30-3:30


with the Caravan Project band, and guest Chris Jacobsen

Gypsy Caravan Dance Company,

Gypsy Heart Tribal,


and The Caravan Project Seattle

*McMenamin’s Edgefield’s Octoberfest!

in Troutdale, OR…One of Our fav show!!!



Dance, Yoga and TRE–

A one-day movement workshop with

Paulette Rees-Denis and Lynea Gillen in Portland, OR


This workshop is for you…

if you want to dance, move your body with freedom, write, sparkle, stretch, shake it out, dig in, breathe, and find your bliss. We want you to have some time for yourself, to experiment with your dance, and to feel blissful in your body!

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Caravan Rhythms CD
A well-danced to and must have for every bellydancer and musician. Remixed and re-mastered. Studio recording of 12 rhythms. Great for practice and class. Dumbek, mizwij, djembe, zurna, and other Middle Eastern Read More »
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