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Tribal Bliss Volume 2 – Dance and Vision –next session October 5th, 2014–Weaving with your Feminine Essence
Weaving with your Feminine Essence--think EmPowered, Creative, Feminine… a four week, online movement journey with Paulette Rees-Denis and Lynea Gillen… For four weeks, we will explore the themes of:Read More »
Tribal Grooves- Sweetheart crop top
 Hot stuff! Tribal Grooves- Sweetheart neckline! Special sale for you... now just $30.00 (from $46...) So soft knit top, with adjustable straps, cropped top---gorgeous! In Red and Black Red Read More »
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the count down to dancing with your desires!
the count down to dancing with your desires! starts this Sunday, and YES, you can still join us..[more]
Dance and Desire Ecourse about to start!
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freedom in and with my body…
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Dance & Desire: From The Body To The Page

with Paulette Rees-Denis

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Body Love, Belly Dance, Heart-opening, Divine Inspiration, Soul Diving, & Celebration
an eight week dance, movement and word online course, starting October 4th

Dance. Words. Desire. Write. Honor. Celebrate. Pleasure. Feel good. Feel you. Move. Now…

Would you like to feel more alive in your body and your heart?
Let’s celebrate your inner and outer passions and desires
Let’s do some deep diving, shall we…dig in and spill it out, with love…

Do you want to feel more…Sensual?

Do you long to find the words that express what you desire?

 With clarity?

Isn’t it time for you to take time for yourself?

To honor your divine creative feminine essence?

with Movement, Connection, Ritual, and Celebration?

join us…

The Walk To Nowhere — The Caravan Project’s New CD–

W139 PSD

10 original, incredible songs… will get you moving…Inspired by the spirit of the tribe

Raw, earthy, tribal, simple—the pounding of the drums, the shaking of the different percussion instruments with the underlying beat, the wailing of the zurna or the sinuous melodies of the nay. It takes us back to basic idea of tribe, of dancing together around the campfire at night, like the heartbeat. Basic. That is all. We dance and play together. And the band is inspired by the dancers and the dancers inspire the band. Ancient feelings, contemporary times.

Purchase here, in physical or digital format! 

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You, audacious soul, have come to the right place. I am delighted to guide you on your journey of Dance and Desire! I have the Tribal-inspired goods to share with you to get you dancing and writing! Invigorate your body, mind, and spirit—so you can live a more creative and fulfilled life. Are you ready? Read more »